Happy Baby

Mikey slipped through the lair, past his brother. Space Heroes was always the best time to be sneaky if you wanted to avoid getting caught by Leo, And it’s not that he was being bad, exactly. He was just bored. Really bored. 

He understood why Leo had insisted they stay home. There were a lot of brothers and sisters in the lair now, and he got that they needed to spend some quality time with Shard without four more brothers getting in the way. He’d had his Sensei for fifteen years and knew how awesome she was, so he couldn’t blame his extra-dimensional siblings for wanting to get to know her. He didn’t mind that she was away visiting. No, that wasn’t the part that he had a problem with.

His problem was that he was bored. And there was only one person he could think of that could make him less bored. And she was in the dimension with his Sensei. So, sneaking past Leo, he hoisted himself up into the ductwork in the ceiling, where he’d be hidden from view in the other reality, and silently willed himself over with all his might.